Support Agencies
We partner with non-profit organizations and support agencies in order to compliment, and support placement programs.

Employment Suppot

We are able to assist “job-ready” candidates who have had the benefit of wrap-around services to bring them to a place of stability. We understand that each organization has different needs and capabilities for creating job placement opportunities, so Connections will tailor its services to meet all needs. Our commitment is never to spend money on training that does not result in a paying position for candidates who successfully complete our programs. Training is not a requirement for placement in all positions, depending on a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and individual circumstances.

We are staffing professionals who developed relationships within the business community. Our expertise is providing candidates with long-term employment opportunities. We are not social workers or case managers. We respectfully rely upon committed support agencies to provide this invaluable service. Our goal is to be an effective, affordable partner in your job placement program.

“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Mattie Stepanek

Our Services:

Skills and Aptitude Testing

We offer skills and aptitude testing through a variety of software including the Kenexa Prove-it system. This can assist you in creating career plans for participants that are realistic and achievable. Please call for further information.