Customized Training:

Connections specializes is creating Customized Training to Individual Employer Specification’s. This way we can provide opportunities for entry level candidates to demonstrate their ability to perform on the job and; provide Employer’s the opportunity to improve efficiency, productivity and safety for new hires.

Some of the benefits to employers are:

  • Having an employee that is fully trained via Connections Training programs. We meet with the employer to develop the training at NO cost to the employer and train all participants prior to them starting their job assignment.

  • Providing employees with subsidized wages and tax credits through various programs such as Work Experience: Work Experience pays for the first 160 hours and there is no conversion fee to the employer to hire the candidate permanently upon completion of the Work Experience. WOJTC tax credit dollars are also available to employers once the employee is hired on permanently. As part of our commitment to save Employers time and money we will keep them informed of any tax incentive dollars available when hiring one of our candidates.

  • Employees are supported via the various organizations from a case management standpoint contributing to their reliability, performance and continuous employment.

  • Ability to contribute to the community via socially responsible hiring practices. We attract employees from the surrounding community and help with ending the cycle of continuous benefits and draining of our tax dollars.

  • Connections can service customers in several ways by utilizing the above in correlation with traditional staffing to exceed their needs.

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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

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Customized Training