Introduction to Manufacturing

Connections Training and Staffing offers the most comprehensive training course to shape individuals to the manufacturing industries and their operation systems. The aim of this training is to provide entry level candidates with a good understanding of manufacturing processes, procedures and terminology in order to incentivize employers to hire outside of their usual parameters. This enables a candidate who wouldn't otherwise qualify to showcase their ability to employers. Each training session may vary in content depending upon the employer's needs. The synopsis of the course material can be broken down into the following summary:

Day 1: Introduction & Registration

Overview of the training program, assessment of basic skills, and attributes required for this employer. Reading, writing, computer proficiency, math skills, physical dexterity, ability to understand basic manufacturing principles, processes and quality concepts. For example: Lean manufacturing, Just In Time (JIT) Kaizen ability to follow good manufacturing processes and identify areas for continuous improvement processes.

Day 2:

Manufacturing processes (work flow) and needs surrounding the type of work involved. Job travelers, Standard Operating Procedures, Inventory Control, Materials management and others. Overview of different work areas, Cell, Lines, Clean Room. Use of computers - data collection, recording, web based applications, Excel, Word, MRP and ERP systems. (Again, we customize the course around the employers requirements).

Day 3:

Quality Control / Quality management - Can be ISO certification or ISO based. Manufacturing safety - Equipment, OSHA or behavior based (If OSHA need to make sure this is based on ten (10) contact hours for training.

Day 4:

Safety continued (all day if general OSHA training)

Day 5:

Review of weeks program with students final exam (this will be developed so we have a good idea of who will be able to do the work when training is complete.) Review client specific policies for jobs going out for on next working day. Visit the manufacturing facility if required.